Mucky-Doh: Seaside Mini Kit

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Our 'Mini Kits' are the perfect gift to encourage creativity, around a particular topic of interest.

Our 'Seaside' themed kit includes the following:

  • 2 of our Mucky-Doh Jars, 1x True Blue and 1x Mellow Yellow
  • A Mini Wooden Rolling Pin
  • A Wooden Knife - Sharp enough to cut the Mucky-Doh with, but blunt enough for safety, although we do recommend adult supervision. 
  • 4 Wooden Seaside Themed Stamps
  • 5 Loose Wooden Seaside Themed Shapes
  • An Emerald Green Storage Bag - To keep everything together
  • Plus one of our 'Little Artist' pin badges

Before you get those creative juices flowing have fun turning the 'Mucky-Doh' powder into bright, squidgy modelling clay by simply adding some water and a splash of oil, then warming in a pan for a few seconds. Full instructions can be found on our 'blog' page.

It will last months when stored in its glass container. When the time eventually comes to replace it, our biodegradable ‘refill packs will save you lots of money, while reducing both production and waste - two of the biggest problems our planet faces.


Educational & Developmental Credentials:

  • Fine motor skills - strengthening the small muscles in the hands which enables such functions as writing, using cutlery and fastening clothes.
  • Improving concentration - keeping them interested in one subject for a period of time. 
  • Encouraging speech - Identifying and talking about the different shapes, as well as discussing the topic with you.
  • This is a relaxing activity, supporting mindfulness - the ability to focus on the present moment. It's a brilliant calming technique and can have huge benefits for mental health.
  • Lots of roll play fun to be had encouraging their imagination and creativity - developing the right hand side of the brain.

Suitable for ages 5+



  • UKCA (British standards) & CE (EU standards) certified.
  • Passing the toy safety tests relating to play dough:  EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3.
  • Our Mucky-Doh was tested by an independent lab.


Eco Credentials: 

  • Our Mucky-Doh is fully biodegradable
  • Vegan friendly
  • FSC approved wood - Sustainable forestry 
  • No pointless packaging
  • All raw materials/elements bought from UK businesses lowering our carbon footprint