Grow Your Nigella: Seeds

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Nigella is a pretty wildflower surrounded by a web of thin foliage, giving it the nickname ‘Love In A Mist’. These look amazing in any garden. Bees love them too!

Approx 200 seeds per pack.

Follow our 'Little Gardener's Guide' and we'll show you how to plant, grow and care for your nigella.

    Best planted between late Spring or Autumn, but seeds will keep until next season in a cool dry place.


    APHA licensed (7666) ensuring quality seeds which are stored in the optimum environment.

    Mucky Knees source the highest quality fresh seeds from UK suppliers, however due to the various natural occurrences that can affect germination we can not provide a guarantee of a successful crop. We will however do our best to help in any case where this experience does not live up to your expectation.