Halloween Trick or Treat Hunt

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For those of you that have already discovered our incredibly fun 'Christmas Eve' and 'Easter Hunt' cards, you are in for a treat or should I say trick with our brand new, 'Halloween Trick or Treat Hunt'. It's a great way for children to get into the spOooOoOOOkkky spirit!

The pack contains 15 cards with clues leading the children in and out the house, in search of a treat. Leave a little something sweet at each clue or a gift of some sort at the final 'well done' card - you decide. Complete with a fun 'Boo!' pin badge.

We've made the cards interchangeable and broad enough that the clues will be relevant to most homes and gardens. You can also remove some cards if you want a shorter game.

These sturdy cards are stored in a tin, making them reusable for many years to come.