Halloween Decorations - Starter Kit

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This is more than just a crafty Halloween gift set, it’s got heaps of paint for your 'Little Artist' to continue their creative journey, way past the spooky season!

Included in this fantastic collection is the following:

  • 8x Wooden hanging Halloween decorations 
  • 4x Round Tipped Painting Brushes, Sizes 4,8,10 & 12
  • 3x Packs of our 'Never Ending Paint Pot- Starter Packs', Black, White & Orange. Each pack will make 270ml.
  • A cotton bag to store your decorations in for next year
  • 2x Pin badges 

Extra paint colours, brushes & mixing utensils in the shot with our Mucky Knees model, is for illustrative purposes only.

To see how to mix our 'Never Ending Paint Pot' powder, check out our blog. It's super easy!

Suitable for ages 3+