Christmas Craft Decoration - Top Up Kit

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Our Christmas decorations top up kit, is perfect for those who are already a 'Little Artist' fan.

Taking out unnecessary duplicates you would have received in previous kits, helps to reduce both production and waste - two of the biggest problems our planet faces. Plus it saves you money! Win win!

This is more than just a crafty Christmas gift set, it's got heaps of paint for your 'Little Artist' to continue their creative journey way past the festive season!

Included in this fantastic Christmas kit is the following:

  • 12 wooden Christmas decorations or luxury gift tags
  • 3x Packs of our Primary Colours ‘Never Ending Paint Pot - Top Up Kits’. Each pack will make 270ml.
  • A colour wheel to explore and create lots of other fantastic new colours 
  • A Crimson Red Bag to store your decorations in for next year
  • 2 Pin badges, 1 Christmas & 1 ‘Little Artist’ 

To see how to mix our 'Never Ending Paint Pot' powder, check out our blog. It's super easy!

The wooden decorations may slightly vary in colour due to being an organic material. The extra paint colours, jars, brushes & cotton aprons shown in the photo's aren't included in this kit, this is for illustrative purposes only. However all these item are available for individual purchase or part of our bigger kits.

Suitable for ages 3+