Grow Your Basil: Organic Seeds or Seed Kit

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Classic Italian Basil is one of the most recognisable smells from your herb garden.

Our organic seeds will produce lots of tasty leaves to supercharge the taste of your pizza and pasta!

Freshly picked basil is also really good for you. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals which help your tummy, skin, mind, blood, liver and so much more. Its oil can even be used to treat cuts and grazes.

Everybody should have a big pot of basil in their house!

Choose between a pack of seeds or a seed kit which includes everything you need to kick start this plant from a seed. They are packaged in the UK and contain the highest quality eco-friendly elements available - including the packaging itself!

Approx 300 seeds per pack.

In addition to the seeds, the seed kit option also includes:

  • Biodegradable waterproof tray made from renewable fallen palm leaves
  • 3x biodegradable self contained peat pellets
  • Eco-friendly wooden plant marker
  • Beautifully presented in sustainable packaging

Follow our 'Little Gardener's Guide' and we'll show you how to plant, grow and care for your Basil.


    • APHA licensed (7666) ensuring quality seeds which are stored in the optimum environment and have an in-house record of regular viability testing.
    • All of our herb and vegetable seed is certified as organically produced by the Soil Association. GB-ORG-05. EU/Non-EU agriculture.

    Mucky Knees source the highest quality fresh seeds from UK suppliers, however due to the various natural occurrences that can affect germination we can not provide a guarantee of a successful crop. We will however do our best to help in any case where this experience does not live up to your expectation.